Valentine's day | Why Is Valentines Day Celebrated ? / History Of Valentines Day

Friends if you want to know why Valentine day is celebrating ? And what is behind the story of Valentine day so read this article with enjoy because we tell you all about Valentine day. Which gift is best for Valentine's Day and if you not have any girlfriends then how can you celebrate this Valentine's Day. So,  let start 😎.

What is Valentine's day? 

Valentine day is celebration of love, many young boys and girls celebrate this with his/her lover or family members. If boy have his girlfriend then he celebrate with her and if girl have her boyfriend then she celebrate with him. If any girl or boy not have girlfriends or boyfriend then they celebrate Valentine's Day with his family members or friends. Here is the history of Valentine day read this 👇

History of Valentines Day Celebration ?  

History Of Valentines Day
Valentine day 
  Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday, which is celebrated by many people around the world on February 14. In countries that speak English, this is a traditional day in which lovers express their love by sending Valentines cards, giving flowers or sweeteners. This holiday is named after two of the many Christian martyrs of that time, whose names were Valentines. In the high Middle Ages, when the tradition of civilized love flourished, then this day was associated with romantic love with Geoffrey Chaucer. 
Greeting Post Cards
Valentine day 1909 gift card

These days are associated with deep love with letters of love letters in the form of "valentines" in reciprocal exchanges. Modern Valentine's symbols include heart-shaped format, pigeon picture and winged cupide. Since the 19th century, the greeting card is replaced by a large number of greeting cards. In the United Kingdom, the nineteenth sentinel in Valentine was a fashion and in 1847, Esther Holland became a house on the basis of her British models in Worcester, Massachusetts. Cards had developed a successful business. The popularity of Valentine's cards in the 19th century America, where many valentine cards are now a forerunner of commercialization of future holidays in the United States, rather than announcements of general greeting cards.

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The Greeting Card Association estimates that about one billion valentines are sent every year in the world, due to which, this holiday is known as the second largest day for sending cards. The Association estimates that on an average, men spend double money on male men in America.

Celebrate Valentines Day With Whom?

It is a very serious question, if you don't have girlfriends or boyfriend do you celebrate Valentine's Day with only my girlfriend or boyfriend? This is not the answer because today it is not limited to lovers, now a days it is being celebrated with friends, family members, siblings and everyone. It is a symbol of expressing your love Today it has become a day of love, affection, compassion and love So you can convince anyone for example -

To strengthen love with a spouse

To make the love
To friendship
To strengthen the bonds of your family
Pass your time
If you can say it in simple words, you can celebrate Valentine's Day with those you care about.

How to celebrate Valentine Day ?

Valentine day
Valentine day 

Today's day So, they are already preparing for the whole day. You are giving some tips on this valentine day and you can make this golden day more humble.
  1. With your partner, you can go roaming anywhere
  2. They can go to some place to eat
  3. You can go anywhere to watch the movie
  4. Go to a place where your first meeting is organized whether it is a park, a old school or a temple.
  5. You can give your partner a special gift.
  6. You can write a good love letter
  7. Spend time with one partner
  8. Then they can spend time together
  9. You can bike biking or go to the long drive.
  10. Can spend quality time with each other

Which gift is best for Valentine's Day? 

If you thought that which gift is best for Valentine's Day
Valentine day
Valentine day

 then don't worry we suggest you some gift like you can have handmade gift like gift card and a ring and this time is digital so you can share him or her a Valentine's Day wishing by clicking here visit this this is gift with song.
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Friends in this article we explain you all about Valentine day celebration with story and suggestion for gift of Valentine day, and we also give you wishing site so like this post and share with your friends and girlfriend and family members to tell information of Valentine day

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